Bareboat Charter

Bareboat charter means renting a yacht without crew, means that you will be its captain, you will have both the responsibility and the pleasure of navigating it between your chosen destinations, at your own path and as the weather and nature forces permit.

For that, you just need 3 simple things: (i) to have the proper qualifications (please visit licensing for bareboat)(ii) to have the adequate sailing experience and (iii) to have the desire of captaining a yacht.

The Captain/Skipper will be responsible for all aspects of running the yacht, including sailing, navigating, anchoring, provisioning, cooking and cleaning. But do not worry, because you will do all of it in the utmost sailing environment of freedom and privacy.

SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER ensures that every bareboat charter yacht in our fleet is meticulously prepared and double-checked prior to your arrival, that your complimentary welcome pack is on board, and that your provisions are correctly stowed, ready and waiting, if you pre-ordered them. We take care to guide you through the beautiful Azorean islands in our comprehensive chart briefing. We take the time to explain you the yacht operation on an individual basis, so you do not feel “alone somewhere in the Atlantic”.

If it is been a while since you last sailed a bareboat yacht charter, do not worry, as our team will gladly assist you to your first night’s anchorage or mooring. But that is not all. Once you are on the water on the yacht charter with us, the SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER service does not end there. We provide you with full 24 hours per day cover.

Call us from the boat mobile phone and we will be happy to help you.


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