Sailing with Kids

“This was our best family vacation ever! Even the kids liked it better than Disney World”

François Gagnon, Canada

Sailing with kids is mandatory for SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER! Not only because the kids love it, not only because they make us love it too, but because we, SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER, also have kids! Our own kids and we can’t even wonder what it would be to set sails on holidays without them.

And they also love to sail with us too. We just need (i) to create the proper context, (ii) to have the right attitude and (iii) carefully discuss and plan all the details around their coming into a sailboat.


 Specific Equipment

Life Jacket: Kids should wear them at all-times, regardless of their swimming capabilities or even when they are on deck, because accidents may happen when you least expect them. SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER will provide you proper child life-jackets when required on advance (please indicate always the number of kids, their ages and weight);

Safety Net: Although it is not mandatory for kids of a certain age, a safety net is always advisable for young children, since it offers a considerable protection when they are playing on deck or sunbathing, even when moored. SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER will provide you a safety net when required well in advance. There is an extra charge for this item;


Specific Care

Seasickness: It affects everyone, including children, making it advisable to consider having on board proper medicines for child anti-sickness. In case of sickness, please advise your child to stay outside on the deck in order to breathe fresh air;

Sunscreens & Hats: It is even more important for children to wear sunscreen while in the water swimming or just splashing, because the sun effects can be stronger. If you are not used to sun exposure, consider putting a T-shirt on your child. A hat or cap on kids is undoubtedly a must suggestion;


Specific Planning

Dinghy: The dinghy is usually, by far, kids most appreciated part of any yacht. In the Azores it is no exception to the rule. Therefore, it is important to teach your kid the basics of maneuvering a dinghy and all safety precautions around it;

Entertainment: Boredom is the only thing you do not want to hear from your child when on holidays. On a yacht it is the same. Even if he/she will be delighted with all the Azorean dolphins, turtles, whales and fish, just do not forget to bring on board your child’s favorite toys and books. It will keep them entertained, if our TV on board is not capable of doing so;

Route: When planning your route for a sailing holiday with children, please consider daily shorter trips and keep always in mind a plan B just in case something unexpected should happen. With children on board, you must set the pace according to them.


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