Our Vision

We are committed to developing, operating and marketing tourism in a sustainable manner; that is, all forms of tourism which (i) makes a positive contribution to the natural and cultural environment, (ii) generate benefits for the host communities, and (iii) do not put at risk the future livelihood of local people.

Our Policy

We regard Sustainable Ecotourism as a guiding concept for the sound management of our business. Sustainable Ecotourism helps maintain the natural environment and we hope to create awareness and active involvement among our customers towards the natural, social and cultural environment of the places they visit.

We recognize that tourism can contribute to the viability of local economies. We also recognize that tourism can have negative impacts on the economy, environment, nature, social structures and local cultures. In the long-term interest of host communities and of our industry, we will endeavor to prevent or minimize these impacts.

Our Commitment

We will strive to:

  • → Adopt best practices in all our activities
  • → Embed Responsible Tourism principles into core business practices
  • → Drive sustainability within the Azorean marine sector
  • → Understand and respect the needs of our stakeholders, including customers, colleagues, shareholders, suppliers, industry partners and local communities
  • → Comply with all relevant legislation, act in advance of it where possible
  • → Reducing, minimizing and preventing pollution and waste
  • → Conserving plants, animals, ecosystems and protected areas
  • → Conserving landscapes, cultural and natural heritage
  • → Prioritize economic and trade relations with local agents



Rua Maestro F Lacerda, 13
9800-551 Velas, Azores, PT

+351 924 128 888 / +351 916 231 111

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