Natural Parks of Azores

The biodiversity and geodiversity of these islands are elements of our identity, inheritance, which requires permanent careful and sustainable management so that nothing is lost and that is a useful legacy for future generations. So, to preserve such precious natural treasure, the Natural Parks of Azores were created. This structure enables the management of the territory oriented to the conservation of diversity as the sustainable use of natural resources, in order to boost tourism and the well-being of populations.

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Yatch-Pool (Germany) 

Besides being a long-term trusted charter company in their Financial Security System, Sailazores Yacht Charter has also established a partnership agreement with Yacht-Pool to provide our customers with credible and reliable charter insurance solutions ( Yacht-Pool Insurance Service is an internationally operating insurance company, specialized in the nautical insurance and it is one of the leading companies in this field in Europe.


Descobreventos (Portugal)

Recognizing and identifying itself with the corporate values of the brand Dufour Yachts (, SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER signed with Descobreventos ( - the representative for Portugal - a partnership agreement, acting as promoter of Dufour Yachts in the Azores.

Dufour Yachts | The Ultimate Sailing Pleasure Michel Dufour, an engineer with a love of sailing, founded his shipyard in La Rochelle, France back in 1964. He owes his success to his keen intuition. He was convinced that new technologies and new materials would transform sailing. But sailing has always continued to be embodiment of the pioneering, adventurous spirit; the pinnacle of pleasure.       



International Sailing Schools Association (International)

Sailazores Yacht Charter joined the Partners network of the International Sailing Schools Association - a non-profit international association which provides a framework of common standards of quality and safety for sailing schools throughout the world -, by facilitating their access to our services in special conditions (


The Crusing Association (UK)

SAILAZORES YACHT CHARTER joined the Partners network of The Cruising Association, a UK non-profit-making organization with 5,000 members, by facilitating their access to our services in special conditions.  (



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